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Site Assessment

CEMATS provides assessment services ranging from ASTM Environmental Site Assessments for real estate transactions to comprehensive soil and groundwater investigations. CEMATS works with clients to develop specific goals for each project and implements the work scope to assure timely, cost effective results. Our projects include: 

    • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment for property transfer in accordance with ASTM guidelines at a variety of commercial, industrial and petro-cheniacal facilities.
    • Water supply investigations, evaluations, and pump tests.
    • Application of downhole geophysical methods in both overburden and bedrock
    • Application of surface geophysical methods including ground-penetrating radar, magnetometer, EM, and seismic refraction.
    • Risk assessment and  fate and transport modeling
    • Soil gas surveys
    • Soil and groundwater sampling programs

Site Assessment Site Assessment Site Assessment