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Soil and Water Remediation

CEMATS can provide design, installation, and operation and maintenanceof remediation systems for a variety of contaminated settings. We apply the right technology and optimize our systems to minimize the time required to achieve remedial goals.  CEMATS staff have extensive experience with most methods of soil and groundwater remediation including:

  • Air Sparging
  • Soil vapor extraction
  • Oxygen-injection (using Matrix Environmental Technologies systems)
  • Surfactant flushing and extraction
  • High-vacuum total-phase extraction
  • Various groundwater suppression and vacuum-enhanced groundwater treatment and free-product recovery
  • Field-screened excavations  to segregate soils to minimize disposal volumes
  • Construction dewatering,  treatment, and discharge
  • Sub-slab ventilation systems for residential applications
  • Residential fuel oil spill response and remediation
  • Ex-situ soil remediation and bio-cell construction

Soil and Water Remediation Soil and Water Remediation Soil and Water Remediation